David Conde, Ph.D.

Dr. David Conde was born in South Texas to a family that traveled across the country to work in
the migrant labor community. He left high school to join the United States Air Force where he
began his college studies at the University of Maryland Extension in Wiesbaden, Germany. After
Military service, he attended the University of Denver and the University of Northern Colorado
where he earned a bachelor’s degree. He completed graduate work and received his M.A.
and Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.

Dr. Conde has been a professor of Spanish and Portuguese, a Professor of Education and a
college Teacher Corps administrator at Colorado State University at Pueblo, taught and led a
graduate teacher education program and organized the First National Symposium on Chicano
Literature  and Critical Analysis at New Mexico Highlands University in 1974,
taught and served in a variety of roles including Department Chair, Associate Dean, Assistant
Vice President of Student Affairs, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Metropolitan
State University of Denver and served as Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Special
Initiatives at East Carolina University.

Dr. Conde also has 32 years of experience in developing and conducting international programs
in Europe, Mexico, Central and South America in the public and private sectors. For this he has
been honored numerous times in the United States and Mexico where he received the
Diploma Honoraria from the Law School of the Autonomous University of Mexico in 1984.

Currently Dr. Conde serves as President, North America for the Chamber of the Americas
working on conferences and trade missions to North, Central and South America. His
community work includes service as President of the Board of Directors of East Migrant Head
Start Project, a 45.7 million dollar project with 40 centers in 14 states along the east coast and the
Gulf of Mexico and member of the Board of Directors for Colorado Global College, a higher
education entity in development as a dual language institution.

In addition to numerous academic books and articles published on Latin America literature and
Bilingual Education, Conde is the author of over 850 newspaper articles and was recognized
by the Hispanic Media 100 Award that placed him among the top 100 Latino journalists in the
United States in 2002 and the top 50 in 2003.